Eliminate the 8th waste:

by maximising the talent

already in your business.

"The reasons for your failure are within yourselves." - Konosuke Matsushita, c. 1979

When the founder of Panasonic told Western businesses they were the cause of their own downfall, he continued by saying:

"Business is now so complex, so difficult, that survival depends on the day-to-day mobilisation of every ounce of intelligence.

The core of management is precisely this art of mobilising and pulling together the intellectual resources of ALL employees."

To be effective today, businesses must educate the workforce, and use that expertise for the benefit of the organisation.

We divide your business into the following 3 areas that will benefit from our training.

Our LEADERSHIP training encourages your senior team to examine their roles with both candour and humour, in order to lead from a position of calm, authenticity and resolve.

The MANAGEMENT training, meanwhile, is a pragmatic approach that helps managers become both the solid asset the business needs and a trusted resource for their teams.

Any one of the modules that make up the CULTURE training can be used on their own or as part of a series that will add to the overall capability of the business, at every level.

That’s all well and good, but things are too uncertain right now. We simply can’t afford training.

Well, there is that. It's a fair point. However, it might also be fair to ask how much constant firefighting and departments all pulling in different directions are costing, don't you think?

One of the central tenets of my approach to training is that every organisation has within it vast, untapped resources that, if fully utilised, would solve most of it's problems effortlessly.

In today’s volatile economic environment, it’s more crucial than ever that businesses maximise every aspect of their performance. Training existing staff to take up the slack is the solution.

The world's not getting any simpler. Organisations simply cannot continue allowing the talent in their own building to go to waste." So, I would ask: Can you afford NOT to train your people?

If you have the slightest notion that performance within any of your teams could be better...

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