I’m not your average trainer. I’ve never subscribed to the ‘show and tell’ school of training. I use what is known as the ‘Dialogic’ approach, that is: teaching by talking. No games, no gimmicks or Post-it notes.

It’s the way i’ve always worked. I believe we all have something to contribute, and I can’t learn from you by staying inside the box. Every interaction has it’s own dynamic and that’s where the magic lies.

Working in sales during the 90’s I gravitated toward teaching as a supplementary discipline – the idea being that sales is really just helping people learn about whichever is the best solution for them.

By the end of the 90’s, working for a large engineering company in the British Midlands, I found myself on the shopfloor more and more, discussing materials and so on. I loved it. So, I made the move.

The transition to manufacturing necessitated an even greater commitment to education as factories constantly require training in areas such as Safety, Quality and Continuous Improvement. As a manager, I realised the benefits of training and continued to push for organisations to adopt a ‘Learning Culture’.

So, what do you get for your money when you engage Clark Ray Business Improvement?

I’ve always been an active proponent of Lean methodologies. However, I realised some years ago that Continuous Improvement will only get us so far, because the sites we try to improve are only as good as the people working in them.

It’s all about the people.

What, then, are the pros and cons of working with me?


The training is curated from 1000’s of hours at the coal face. Working with teams from factories around the country has given a real-life quality to the training that cannot be achieved any other way.

I am outcome-oriented. That is, I ask ‘What do you want this training to accomplish?’ Targeted communication around specific topics can have a much more profound effect than simply following a script.

My training is not ‘off the shelf’. Whilst all modules are written to a pre-existing framework, they are adapted in every instance to the specific issues of the site.

I see what others don’t. No, i’m not psychic, but years of doing this enable me to ‘hear between the lines’. As such, I notice issues you may not even be aware of.


Well, it’s not free. It represents good value, but there are those that think training is an unnecessary expense. That is, until they realise the cost of a workforce unable to do anything without someone telling them to.


If you’d like a chat about the issues you’re dealing with and how my training can help: