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     “Success in Management requires learning as fast as the world is changing.”       Warren Benis, Scholar – Leadership Studies. Advisor to 4 U.S. Presidents.

There’s a lot of pressure on managers. Everyone, from the boss to those on the shopfloor is looking to you for answers. It would be easy to buckle under the strain.

What exactly is it we expect from our Managers?

It goes without saying that a manager must be a subject matter expert. If they don’t know the recipe for their particular piece of the organisational pie, they’re not much use. But that’s not all: we expect them to be leaders, diplomats, negotiators, motivators and all-round bringers of joy and glad tidings.

They must also organise an ever-shifting variety of factors from malfunctioning machines to absentee staff, material shortages and fluctuating customer demand. And keep an eye on quality. And safety. And, of course, there’s the report for Head Office when you’ve got the time. By Friday, if you could.


Then, on top of all that is the most crucial skill of all – the ability to remain calm in the face of chaos is not a skill that can be taught in a 1-day course.

That’s why we have two separate sets of Management Training:

  1. The Workshop Course, which is 1 day per week for 8 weeks.
  2. The Coaching Course, from 3 days per month for 18 months.

Yes, 18 months. Some things can only be learned on site, at the coal-face, at the exact moment things start to go pear-shaped. And that takes time.


The Workshop Course:

Module 1 – Management in a volatile world
Module 2 – Successful Communication
Module 3 – Navigating Conflict
Module 4 – Coaching for High Performance
Module 5 – Leaning in to Change
Module 6 – Mastering Influence
Module 7 – Cultivating Accountability
Module 8 – Your place in a High Performing Team

Each module is a 1 day workshop focusing on a core management skill.

They can be delivered individually or as a package over 8 instalments.

The Coaching Course:

Taking place every month, for the first 3 days of a specified week, over 18 months, this is designed to help Managers at a level that works for them.

Every week covers a different subject, beginning with a presentation to the entire team, then discussed 1:1 with each individual later in the day.

During the 1:1 session, expectations will be set – using a workbook given to each attendee – for the coaching that takes place over the next 2 days.

On the second and third days we will, as opportunity permits, consider specific coaching points brought up with each manager on the first day.

The week closes with a short debrief at the end of the third day.

The complete series of modules, in the order they are delivered, are:

Training Roadmap

If you feel your organisation could benefit from either of these training programmes, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

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